Indoor Plants

Various tropical and seasonal flowering plants are implemented in our smart and creative designs to meet our client’s budget, lighting, and space layout. Each project is unique and comes with guaranteed plants that are included with our ongoing plant maintenance care program. Click below to learn more about our indoor plants.

Live Foliage

Holiday Décor

Sedgefield has a creative & dependable holiday team that provides an assortment of trendy products in various traditional and modern color theme options for lease. Projects are customized for each property and include worry free professional installation and removal by our team. Click below to learn more about our holiday décor!

Themed Colors

Green Vertical Systems

Look up, not down. Unique vertical wall installations are the latest trend in interior foliage design. They enhance the essence of their location, creating a beautiful and calming artistic display for the building's surroundings. We guarantee our custom fabricated wall displays will leave guests with a lasting impression.

Plants & Moss

The Benefits

Living plants provide more than just color. With Atlanta’s growing interest in biophilic design, plants have been scientifically proven to create healthier and more productive environments. Plants are the practical solution to improve air quality, enhance corporate image, increase productivity, reduce stress, and lower absenteeism.

Plant Benefits

Services We Provide

We approach every project with a unique vision, fresh thinking and numerous plant choices.


We find effective solutions to business problems through strategy, tech, design thinking and good old-fashioned creativity.

The Living Plant

Interior Landscapes and Holiday Décor

We custom design with live and artificial plants as well as holiday décor to meet our customers' needs and budgets. Click through the following –